• 5th Grade General Music

    Mrs. G


    Music is everywhere!


    10-Week Objective:

    * To explore how music is connected to other aspects of life and school subjects.



      * 3 Ring Binder with loose leaf, a folder and notebook, or a folder with loose leaf.

      * Writing utensil



      * Courtesy and respect for everyone in the room.

      * Active participation in class discussions and projects.

    * Positive attitude.



      *Homework assignments = 20 points each.

      * Class projects = 25 – 60 points (depending on their length)

      *Materials and Notebook checks = 20 points

    **All points will be added together and converted into a %.

      For ex.  425 earned out of a total of 500 available points would be an 85%


    Current Unit :  African Drumming



    See "A Look Into Our Classroom" to see us making African Talking Drums!!!!