• A little orange and white robot named Naomi visited the Middle Schools this week to help show students what’s cool about STEM.

    Model Schools Coordinator Laurie Yager demonstrated the capabilities of Naomi, a humanoid robot purchased by the Mohawk Regional Information Center (MORIC) for use by area schools. Yager spent time telling students about Naomi’s history and having her move, walk, sing, dance, tell stories and play games with the students.

    Naomi’s dance routine to “Thriller” and “Gangnam Style” were a big hit but many were just as interested to watch Naomi sing “The National Anthem” and reenact part of the “Star Wars” story.

    Yager said she hopes the visits help spark an interest in the science, technology, engineering and math fields for students.

    “Some day, you could make something like this, you could program something like this, you could use something like this by working in the STEM field,” she said. “NAOmi is only limited by your imagination and your programming ability.”


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    Reminder:  A parent or other adult must accompany middle school students during after school activities (athletic contests, programs in the auditorium, etc.).  Middle school students are not allowed to be dropped off at these events. 

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