Board Buddy

Board Buddy Incorporated

  • Our goal at Board Buddy INC, is the make life on the mountain less difficult durring the early and late seasons. Our design is made to be compatable with all snowboards and I suppose for you skiiers who think that its necessary to own one. The board buddy is small enough to fit right in your coat pocket to carry with you at all times. Specifically, it is designed to scrape off ice and snow from the bottom of your board. Usually ice and snow wont really stick to your board unless you go through a water hole, and we all know that is bound to happen when its either pre season riding in the early winter and late season in the spring. Have you ever had to try to get ice build up off your boad with your hands? Cause I have and its not at all easy. So please, look no further and buy yourself a Board Buddy today! At the low price of just $9.99 and you could have one too!