• Attention Class of 2017


    It’s Your Yearbook and You’re in it!!

    Senior picture, your list of high school activities (directory), parent message, senior quote, and baby picture are due on WEDNESDAY, Sept. 21, 2016.  This date is the senior picnic and I will collect the yearbook information at the picnic. However, I encourage you to turn in this information before the senior picnic.  During the senior picnic a class picture and superlatives will be done for the yearbook.  A parent message will cost $15.00 payable to the South Lewis Talon.  The message will be limited to 150 characters and message can be longer but will cost accordingly.  If you submit only a baby picture, there is no cost.  There is a link to all forms and information on the South Lewis Home Page or you may emai jking@southlewis.org.  Pictures and information can be sent electronically to jking@southlewis.org


    High School Picture Day

    Picture Day for high school students is Oct. 6, 2016.  Any senior who is unable to have a portrait taken will have a picture taken at this time free of charge.   Throughout the day Wednesday, Oct. 5th and Thursday, Oct 6th club pictures, class officers, morning and afternoon BOCES will a be taken.   Attendance is encouraged because make-ups are difficult to organize. 


    High School Order Day

    Jostens Yearbook Order Day will be Friday, October 14th.  It is only called “order day” because the Yearbook Committee is trying to gather contact/billing information for South Lewis students for Jostens to contact you to order a 2017 Talon.  Money is not required on “order day”.  Yearbooks will only be ordered on-line this year.  There is a link to the Jostens web site on the South Lewis homepage.  If you have any issues with ordering a yearbook on the web site, you may come to school and I will help you with your order.  The cost of a 2017 Talon will be $60.00 + tax.  Yearbooks ordered after January will cost $70.00 + tax.